Implementation pathways

There are four commonly followed pathways that lead to SCforH implementation in sports clubs.

Pathway 1. Many sports clubs have already adopted an approach similar to that of the SCforH and act in accordance with the SCforH guiding principles although they have not used the term ‘SCforH’ to refer to their approach. In this case, clubs can simply recognize and label the work they have already been doing as the ‘SCforH approach’, and subsequently actively raise awareness of the SCforH concept in the club.

Pathway 2. A sports club can attempt to improve existing activities by, for example, experimenting with new exercise methods, improving facilities, or placing a focus on a new target group, in accordance with the SCforH approach.

Pathway 3. A sports club can develop a comprehensive strategy for the broad implementation of the SCforH approach in the club. This type of implementation does not necessarily need to include setting up and running a specific SCforH initiative.

Pathway 4. A sports club can introduce an entirely new programme or initiative that is in accordance with the SCforH aims and guiding principles.