The overarching aim of the project is to increase participation in sport and physical activity in the European Union by encouraging sports clubs and associations to implement Sport Clubs for Health principles in their activities. The project has six specific aims:

[i] to document the history and current status of the SCforH movement in the EU and provide recommendations for its future development

[ii] to develop an interactive SCforH online learning tool for the stakeholders in the area of sport interested in learning about, implementing, and promoting the SCforH principles

[iii] to further raise awareness of the SCforH guidelines among sports clubs, sport associations, HEPA promoters, and policymakers in the EU

[iv] to develop mechanisms that will support continuous implementation of SCforH guidelines in the EU by: a) encouraging the EU Physical Activity Focal Points to become contact points for the SCforH movement in their countries and providing them relevant training; and b) encouraging course and subject coordinators to include the SCforH online learning tool in the curricula of tertiary education institutions for health promoters, physical educators, and sport and exercise practitioners

[v] to expand the scientific evidence base supporting the SCforH initiatives and their effective implementation

[vi] to further strengthen collaborations and partnerships between key EU stakeholders in the promotion of health through sport