Our vision for your association and clubs

Our vision for your association

We wish to inspire members of all sports associations and provide support that helps them prioritise health. In addition, we encourage all clubs to implement the SCforH approach and to join the SCforH movement.

Our vision for your member clubs

We hope that through your association you will inspire representatives of member clubs to become more aware of the health-promotion potential of their sports club and to maximise it by applying the SCforH principles in their work.

The Sports Clubs for Health (SCforH) approach:
  • promotes health in sports clubs, primarily through increased offer and improved quality of health-enhancing sport activities
  • supports the provision of health-enhancing sports activities that are based on the proven principles of sports and exercise science
  • places a focus on the core sporting activities carried out by participating associations and their member clubs, which are part of the sports club´s standard activities
  • ensures that participation poses minimal health risks
  • is carried out by as qualified and competent personnel insofar as possible
  • takes place in a safe and healthy environment
  • is committed to promoting a culture of empowerment, engagement, and enjoyment, both individually and collectively
Did you know?

Performing moderate and vigorous exercise through sports is healthy. The amount, frequency, intensity, and type of physical activity all determine the health benefits of sport and physical activity. Studies that have placed a focus on exercise intensity have shown that vigorous exercise through sport is associated greater health-enhancing effects than physical activities of lower intensity (e.g. active travel, walking). Many sports, such as running, swimming, bicycling, tennis, football, aerobics, and gymnastics, are typically vigorous-intensity activities that are associated with a range health benefits. Sports associations should recognise and promote this.