Plan towards SCforH implementation

Why is this valuable for your association?
  • Helps you better understand your current situation.
  • Provides you with direction and a roadmap for your journey.
  • Enables you to articulate your plan and secure the approval you need to proceed.
  • Makes your plan sustainable and measurable.
  • Ensures that your plan has buy-in potential for all stakeholders.
  • Provides evidence that you can use to support funding applications and partnership alliances.
How can you achieve this?
  • Review your current practices and setting benchmarks within your sector against other SCforH initiatives.
  • Allocate resources necessary for SCforH implementation.
  • Outline the process for all involved.
  • Promote the health-enhancing potential of the approach throughout the lifespan of the participants.
  • Provide a rationale for SCforH in your association.
Recommended pathways for SCforH implementation

Each association is different, and your structures, capabilities, resources, and culture will dictate which implementation pathway to follow. You can consider various options (see diagram below). Each option can be viewed separately or as part of a process or “journey”.

To see examples of recommended approaches toward SCforH implementation, click on the respective element in the figure.