Key info

The Sports Club for Health approach is an evidence-based approach developed by more than 40 experts in the fields of sport, health, and physical activity promotion. The primary aim of applying the Sports Club for Health approach is to improve the availability and quality of health-enhancing sports activities. By adopting the Sports Club for Health approach, sports organisations can recognise the health potential of their sports disciplines and organise and provide health-enhancing sports activities in the sports club setting. The approach can be applied in any kind of sports club, regardless of the aims of the club, the sports disciplines offered, the club’s status (voluntary or professional), size (small or large), or the age groups included in its membership.

Sports clubs are among the organisational settings with the highest population reach, but many of them are exclusively focused on elite and sub-elite competitive sports. By adopting the Sports Club for Health approach, a sports club can differentiate itself from other sports and fitness providers and gain marketing advantages in competitive environments. Organisations that offer broader sports club programmes, which are not necessarily directed toward achieving top results in competitions, will attract wider audiences, provide opportunities for people in all age groups to join the club, and increase participation rates.