Sports Clubs

Why implement SCforH approach?

Sports clubs can expect to obtain several benefits from applying the SCforH approach.

First, the SCforH approach offers a way in which the club can be developed by reaping benefits of promoting health among its members. The improved health of the members is likely to lead to improvements in their performance and satisfaction as well as in increased participation rates. This may directly improve the success of sports clubs’ core business.

Second, the implemented SCforH initiatives may arouse the interest of new potential members and facilitate recruitment.

Third, by adopting the SCforH approach, clubs can define themselves apart from other sport and fitness providers and gain marketing advantages in competitive environments.

Fourth, by taking the SCforH approach, opportunities may be created for partnerships to be formed among practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in the sports and health sectors. This may, in turn, help to position the sports clubs and national organisations as relevant and important stakeholders in the field of public health. Figure 1 highlights the main potential benefits to sports clubs and their participants of applying the SCforH approach.

Figure 1. Potential benefits to sports clubs and their participants of applying the SCforH approach.

In addition to generating positive outcomes for sports clubs and their participants, the SCforH approach can also be applied to directly benefit local, regional, and national sports organisations. Adopting the SCforH approach may increase opportunities for these organisations to obtain funding from both the sport and public health sectors, establish stronger roles in the community, and reach wider audiences by promoting their sports among members of all age groups.

The benefits to sports clubs can be obtained in two ways; first, by promoting and increasing health-enhancing physical activity through sport (SCforH approach), and second, by using the sports club as a setting for a broader health promotion (Health Promoting Sports Club [HPSC] approach). This book of guidelines places a focus on the former approach (SCforH approach), whilst more information about the latter approach (HPSC approach) can be found elsewhere 15.