Sports Clubs

Who are SCforH approach for?

The SCforH approach is applicable

  • in sports clubs as well as in
  • national and regional sport organisations.

In an ideal situation, the SCforH approach would be implemented at all levels within the sports system, with each level supporting the other.

However, original publication has been developed to specifically target audiences in sports clubs, that is, the directors, elected trustees, paid officials, coaches and instructors, members and participants, and other stakeholders of sports clubs. Of course, all sport organisations interested in supporting sports clubs’ activities are encouraged to use this book of guidelines. Additional useful material that has been tailored to meet the needs of national sport organisations can be found on the SCforH website ²

The main aim of this book of guidelines is to help sports clubs recognize the connections between the sport disciplines they offer and health and implement the SCforH approach into their sports club setting, targeting members belonging to any age group – children, adolescents, adults, or seniors.

²) Electronic Toolkit: Hartmann et al. 201716. Sports Clubs for Health (SCforH). A good practice guide to inspire and support sport associations and their clubs.