Sports Club for Health (SCforH) Newsletter 2/2017: Closing seminar of SCforH project in European Parliament was inspiring!

SCforH -project (Promoting National Implementation of SCforH programmes in EU member states) had its closing seminar at the European Parliament on 25th of April 2017. The event gathered around 50 participants from the European Parliament, Commission’s Sport Unit, International federations and other sport stakeholders . In addition, over 300 people followed online streaming broadcast.

The seminar at the European Parliament was hosted by MEP Hannu Takkula, who opened seminar with vice-chair of Finnish Olympic Committee and former European Champion in figure skating Susanna Rahkamo. In the seminar were presented for example “Importance of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) in  EU policies” by Yves Le Losteque, the Head of European Commission Sport Unit and main outcomes of SCforH project by Matleena Livson from Finnish Olympic Committee. In the interesting panel discussion were participants from policy level (EU Sport Unit, Olivier Fontaine), universities (Örebro University, Susanna Geidne) and international sport organisations (EOC EU Office, Felix Schäfer and European Athletics, Jean Gracia).

Main outcomes of SCforH project:

Dr. Matleena Livson introduced in her presentation that one of the key findings of the project was that adoption of the SCforH approach will increase both opportunities and participation in sport and, at the same time, help improve the health of sports club members. There are also examples, that when the sport associations offer health-related or recreational activities, it can bring new members to the clubs and broaden the member base.

If we try to summarise key findings in three “key takeways”, they could be for example following:

  1. Organised sport has a great potential to promote health through grassroots sports. Collaboration of all parties – research, policy and practice – is needed to successfully develop the SCforH implementation.
  2. We now know the current status and have new tools for future evaluation and follow-up of SCforH Implementation in EU countries.
  3. Guidelines, principles and practical tools for the entire lifecourse are established in webpages of Sports Club for Health approach,  There you can find for guidelines and principles for sports clubs and E-tool for sport associations.  Basic information about SCforH approach for researchers and policy makers can be found also from webpages.

Additional information:

Ulla Nykänen
project manager
Finnish Olympic Committee

Timo Hämäläinen
project coordinator
Finnish Olympic Committee/Regional Sport Federation, Ostrobotnia region

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