Sport Associations

How can your association play its part? Types of SCforH initiatives

Type 1: Explore health enhancing qualities of your existing sport activities, promote any new Health Enhancing Sport Activities (HESA) findings, and grow participation in your sport as a result.

Health benefits are inherent in each sport as a vigorous activity, but the quantity and quality need to become clearly identified. Most sports associations fail to take advantage of this opportunity.

Type 2: Provide Health Enhancing Sport Activities (HESA) to different target population groups

Low threshold and adapted variations of your sports can be provided to broaden the user base and grow participation rates, especially for targeted population groups such as older people.

Type 3: Provide activities for special health needs (Health Enhancing Exercise programs – HEXE)

HEXE are defined as planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movement designed to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness and health. Examples might include cardio-health post heart-attack or interventions for back health.

Type 4: Develop your clubs as healthy settings

This means delivering general health promotion within your clubs for the benefit of your members i.e. healthy nutrition, smoke free club, emotional wellbeing campaigns, good sleeping habits, sedentary lifestyle warning. This philosophy should be integrated into your club values and practices including coach education.