Sport Associations

Our vision for your association and for your clubs

Our vision for your Association

We wish all sports associations to become inspired and supported to make health a priority and to encourage all their clubs to implement the SCforH approach and to join the SCforH European network.

Our vision for your clubs

We hope to inspire clubs to become more aware of their contribution to health and to maximise their potential by implementing the values and principles of the SCforH approach.

The Sports Clubs for Health (SCforH) approach:

  • promotes health in sports clubs through participation.
  • provides Health Enhancing Sport Activities (HESA), based on the proven principles of sport and exercise science.
  • focuses on the core sporting activities of participating associations and clubs that are part of the sports club´s standard activities.
  • ensures participation poses minimal health risks.
  • is carried out by as qualified and competent personnel as possible.
  • takes place in a safe and healthy environment utilising appropriate equipment/resources.
  • supports the aims of health education.
  • is committed to promoting a culture of empowerment, engagement, and enjoyment, both individually and collectively.


Did you know?

Vigorous exercise through sports is healthy

The amount, frequency, intensity and type of physical activity together determine the health benefits of sport and physical activity.

Studies focused on intensity have shown that vigorous exercise through sport is associated with more health enhancing effects than lesser-intensity physical activity (active travel, walking etc.).
Many sports with higher level of physical activity, such as running, swimming, bicycling, tennis, football, aerobics and gymnastics, can bring additional health benefits compared to moderate intensity activity. Sports associations should recognise and promote this.