Sport Associations

Internal and external resources

  • Necessary resources for SCforH development are dependent on the type of the approach (area 1) and the types of initiatives (area 4).
  • First steps can be initiated without additional resources, only through the willingness and creativity of engaged persons.
  • A progressive development needs higher investment of human and financial resources.

Secure internal resources:

  • Identify possible human recourses within your staff and/or within volunteers of your association for the particular task of SCforH development.
  • llocate a particular budget-line for SCforH development.

Secure all available external resources:

  • Identify public and private funding opportunities: e.g. Ministries; Governmental Institutions; Foundations; …
  • Seek sponsorships: e.g. Insurance industry; Sport and life-style industry; Food companies; Travel agencies; Retail, the media…

EU funding avenues (European Union)

Ministry funding for senior activities in Gymnastic clubs (Finland)