Sport Associations

Examples of external partnerships

Finnish Schools on the Move (Finland)

Fit for Life Program funding local sport clubs (Finland)

Partnership with the Health Sector – Case Study (Germany)

Partnership with the Welfare Sector – Case Study (Germany)

Partnership Örebro County Sport Fed and Örebro County Council (Sweden)

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership: Irish Life/GAA Healthy Clubs (Ireland)


Tool: Checklist successful partnership

Lessons from successful partnerships

  • Determine your aims and expectations clearly before you pursue a partnership
  • Search for suitable partners prudently and try to identify their potential to meet your expectations beforehand
  • Try to identify how your association/club can support the aims of your potential partner
  • Consider the shared or complementary goals and examine if a win-win situation for both partners will be possible
  • Once in general agreement, develop concrete partnership agreement that outlines the goals, actions, and outcomes
  • Appoint a contact in your organisation with responsibility for the partnership and ask the partner to do the same
  • Ensure regular communication with your partner and ensure challenges are addressed in an agreed manner
  • Agree regular meetings with your partner to evaluate the process and the outcomes
  • Ensure a collaborative approach to public relations to promote the partnership