Sport Associations

Coach and Instructors competencies

SCforH is a broad philosophy guided by our principles, one of which is to ensure that interventions are based on proven principles of sports and exercise science. Of particular relevance to coaches will be the delivery of Health Enhancing Sports Activity (HESA). (For more information go to slide 2 & 3)

Traditionally coaches/instructors are educated to coach athletes in the respective sport activities or disciplines. There is now a recognition that coach education should include HESA activities also.

This involves specific knowledge about health benefits of your respective sport, but also the motivation, behaviours, and physical preconditions of the participants. It can also require the ability to modify the respective sport regarding simple motoric skills, rules, equipment etc.

This requires the ability to create and to offer HESA, tailor-made for the needs of diverse target groups.

Competence areas include:

  • An appreciation of the SCforH principles and the ability to fulfil these
  • An understanding of the health-enhancing qualities of their respective sport
  • The capacity to adapt their primary sport to target different population groups
  • The delivery and evaluation of agreed SCforH initiatives