Sport Associations

Club Manager Competence Areas

Competence area for leaders and managers in SCforH is broad and varied. The know-how required depends on the current level of knowledge, needs, resources and aims of the club at the moment.

Thereby the education system for sport club leaders and managers should be adaptive and increase understanding across several areas.

Crucial sectors include planning and executing strategy, action plans, budgeting, human resources and information/education. Special expertise is also needed when guiding and inspiring voluntary workers.

SCforH competencies include ability to:

  • Recognize potential of SCforH and align the aims with the vision of association and club
  • Collaboration with all necessary stakeholders
  • Deliver SCforH opportunities through existing structures or develop appropriate new initiatives
  • Provide appropriate training to coaches/instructors. This can be accessed through continuous development programs, conferences, seminars, and by developing new networks

If your Association is pursuing a SCforH approach you should ensure that all necessary training is provided to guarantee SCforH principles are adhered to.