Sport Associations

Communicate and promote SCforH

Why is this valuable for your association?

  • To highlight good work already being undertaken by your association as regards health
  • To raise awareness about your increased health focus through SCforH engagement
  • To motivate and inspire your clubs to get involved
  • To help achieve association health-focused goals
  • To ensure all stakeholders (clubs, partners, etc. ) understand SCforH approach and what this entails for them
  • To allow for two-way communication to ensure buy-in and proper engagement in your Association
  • To incorporate SCforH approach and health messages into wider communications/marketing plan

How can you achieve this?

  • Identify your internal and external audience carefully.
  • Develop and provide engaging promotion material.
  • Ensure that your communication channels an reach your target audiences.
  • Provide your audiences with feedback opportunities.

Benefits of engaging internal audience

  • Secure engagement at all levels, at all stages
  • Raise awareness of goals
  • Inspire staff, volunteers, and members
  • Create exciting new community linked to SCforH movement across Europe
  • Recognise and celebrate achievements

Benefits of engaging external audience

  • Increase knowledge of SCforH and what it can offer
  • Offer opportunities for engagement
  • Become part of new European SCforH community
  • Attract potential financial investment
  • Present outcomes and achievements
  • Create and strengthen cross-sectoral links